You’ve known all along

You know that feeling? The pit in your chest that roots from anger, sadness, resentment, and regret. That feeling of knowing you were right from the start, it was doomed before it ever began and yet you gave it a chance hoping for some outrageous but different outcome. Every single time you felt that pit you made excuses and blamed your self for what could of been easily avoided had you listened from the beginning. Choosing to walk a way wasn’t an option though because once you were in you were deeply lost in some ridiculous illusion that you can repair the unrepairable. You managed to drag it out so long that every time that pit returned you yet again found further excuses to fight the pit and convince your self that fate and destiny do not play a role in the out come of my life. This is much more than just, well if you even knew that the hell it was? And now what? How do you go about it? But most importantly when is it enough to finally walk away for your own good?